Letter to the editor January 15

Letter to the editor January 15

B-ball team’s dedication example to all of us

Thank you to Bee Schindler for highlighting the legendary successes of the JCC varsity basketball team under the leadership of head coach Mark Pattis (“Teamwork, tradition drive the on- and off-court success of JCC’s varsity basketball team,” Jan. 1). The team’s hard work, dedication and achievements are examples to us all. I take pride in the fact that Coach Pattis and five of the 12 players on his 2014-15 roster are alumni of Community Day School, where our Middle School Sports Program and Bud Wechsler Little Lions athletics program for younger students also have a long tradition of inspiring young athletes. Many of our students go on to play in high school or college sports, and a good number of our alumni have been inducted into the Western Pennsylvania Jewish Sports Hall of Fame over the years. Here at CDS, the exceptional young athletes on this season’s JCC varsity basketball team began to learn the values of practice and teamwork, and they always represented our school community with respect and dignity. We are proud of their ongoing accomplishments and commitment to pursuing their passion and wish them the best of luck in the exciting season ahead.

Bob Helfer

Athletic Director

Community Day School