Jett wrong on Trump

Jett wrong on Trump

(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

On first read, Dennis Jett’s piece is so outrageous and filled with lies masquerading as facts that I thought to just toss the paper into the recycle pile and forget it.

Then I read that Jett was a U.S. ambassador (to Peru and Mozambique), a professor and dean, and then I decided to write to address a few of his more outrageous statements.

1. President Trump is a grave threat to Jews. This remark is made with no evidence to back it up: Yes, Jett admits that one might be fooled by Trump’s Jewish daughter and grandchildren, to whom he is obviously devoted, and Trump’s support of Israel. Where and how is he a threat? Jett doesn’t specify.

2. The usual canards about Trump saying there were some “good people” among the neo-Nazis at Charlottesville. Did Jett never read Trump’s actual remarks; remarks in which he talks about the people on both sides of the Confederate statue removal issue, the issue that attracted crowds to Charlottesville, as being populated by “good people.”

3. Trump never said he wanted to ban all Muslims, that Mexicans were all murderers, that all immigrants bring crime, drugs and disease to this country. Trump is against unvetted illegal immigrants entering our country, people without documentation, among whom might be some criminals, etc.

4. Trump has been trying to solve the immigration mess since he took office. It is Congress that won’t fix the laws and loopholes that allow the illegal immigration system to fester.

5. Jett says, “Trump has made 12,000 false statements.” Really? Where is he getting his facts? Some reference here would be helpful. [Ed. note: Jett provides the reference in the piece: the Washington Post.]

I could go on, but really everything about Jett’s column is outrageous. What makes it truly frightening is that Jett, at least according to his resume, is an educated person and worse, an educator. How can we expect any rational discourse when a person such as Jett gets a forum to spout his vitriol?

Georgia Atkin

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