Jett right on Trump

Jett right on Trump

(Photo from Flash90)
(Photo from Flash90)

I cannot imagine a more compelling and passionate condemnation of Donald Trump for us Jews and American citizens than the comprehensive and outstanding Oct. 11 column by Dennis Jett, Ph.D. (“President Validates Anti-Semitic Rhetoric”).

Dr. Jett notes the paradox in actions Trump has taken ostensibly to benefit Israel while on the other hand spewing poisonous rhetoric that provides comfort for white supremacists and nationalists, bombast which has served as a call to violence against his foes. The president seeks to subvert the law and the Constitution when it benefits him personally. Does anyone believe that Trump’s positions that appear to favor Israel are undertaken out of any genuine love and affection for, or solidarity with, us and our people?

I attended the Oct. 28, 2018, service at Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hall in which the community gathered to mourn the atrocity that had taken place at the Tree of Life building the prior day. Within that event was a call to action by Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, one of the individuals who was most directly and deeply affected by the massacre: He implored the elected officials assembled and others to be mindful of their words and to counter what the rabbi now calls “the h-word,” which he will not repeat — hate. As Dr. Jett points out, the enmity and resentment that Trump has for his opponents has only gotten worse, and he now believes that not only name-calling but the use of profanity is appropriate in public settings as he seeks to eviscerate those who would challenge him.

In a recent column, renowned New York Times syndicated columnist Thomas Friedman wrote in uncharacteristically harsh terms, asserting that if one is an American Jew who supports Donald Trump for his positions vis-a-vis Israel, that supporter is “a damn fool,” given all of the damage that Trump is inflicting on our country, to Israel and to the relationship between the two nations.

I do not understand how there can be any measurable support for a proudly thuggish and hateful president among individuals who hail from an honorable religion such as ours, a faith that preaches tolerance, acceptance, kindness to others and repairing the world. Donald Trump is anathema to those cherished tenets and to the tenets of every honorable faith.

Oren Spiegler
Peters Township

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