Chronicle’s mask-wearing poll results
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Chronicle’s mask-wearing poll results

We asked our readers if their behavior will change in response to the COVID resurgence due to the delta variant. Here's what they said.

(Image by Christo Anestev/Pixabay)
(Image by Christo Anestev/Pixabay)

Last week, the Chronicle asked its readers in an electronic poll the following question: “With the resurgence of COVID-19 due to the delta variant, are you changing your behavior?” Of the 345 people who responded, 80% said they were changing their behavior in some way. Half (167 people) said they are now wearing a mask indoors and outdoors if it’s crowded, and 31% said they are wearing a mask inside but not outside. Just 3% (11 people) said they were not changing their behavior, now or ever. One hundred people submitted written comments. A few follow.

People have to remember that there are families that have unvaccinated children in their households (our family is one of them). We all have to do our part in protecting the children/vulnerable who can’t be vaccinated. We need to be mindful of this as we are going about our daily lives.

It’s hard to unite people with polarized views when we don’t respect choices or fail to open our minds to information that may not be in your comfort zone.

There should be more of a concerted effort against the unvaccinated, i.e., requirements to continue working, loss of health insurance, inability to access public spaces and private establishments. The public’s health is a priority.

I believe that as someone who is vaccinated, I’m exceeding expectations by wearing a mask. I believe that the vaccine is a blessing and effective in preventing COVID.

We know how this virus affects people and who is at risk. We do not need any more government mandates for those who are not at risk. If you have been vaccinated or not you should bear all risks. What ever happened to personal responsibility and freedom?

Because I dislike wearing a mask, if mask mandates persist, I will only leave my house when l must.

I am looking forward to getting a third shot. How sad that so many people still won’t get the shot. It defies common sense.

Even though I have been fully vaccinated since late March, I have been wearing my mask whenever I go shopping in stores. I will now start wearing my mask if I am in crowds outdoors as well. There is no way of knowing who is unvaccinated these days and with the delta variant increasing the number of affected people, I am not willing to risk my health. PJC

Toby Tabachnick

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