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Which Jewish values support a vote for Biden?
I read with outrage the article in the Oct. 2 issue of the Chronicle, “Rabbis urge PA Jews to vote Jewish values” and conclude that those values would lead Jewish voters to cast a ballot for Biden.

To which values were the rabbis referring? Would it be Biden being against busing to achieve school integration? Would it be his friendship with Georgia segregationist Herman Talmadge, who fought against the Civil Rights Act? Perhaps it would be Biden’s great friendship with Robert Byrd, a senator and former member of the KKK? Such a great friend was Byrd to Biden that Biden was asked to speak at Byrd’s funeral, where Biden praised the former Klansman as a great man, friend and mentor.

Maybe another Jewish value might be influence-peddling, such as when Biden’s son Hunter secured a seat on the board of a Ukrainian gas company earning a monthly salary in excess of $100,000 despite having no prior experience in the gas industry. Maybe it’s Biden pandering to voters by changing his stance on issues such as defunding the police and fracking depending on his audience. During the 2019 Democrat debates, and included in his Democrat manifesto, Biden pledges an end to fossil fuel, and that includes fracking; but when he’s in Pennsylvania where fracking has created jobs, he claims never to have said he would ban it.

Do Jewish values coincide with the BDS movement? Perhaps Biden, as his party’s leader, might have had a say in who spoke at the DNC. For example, he might not have allowed Linda Sarsour, an outspoken anti-Semite a spot on the program.

Perhaps the most scandalous feature of the Biden campaign is his trading on the tragedy of the pandemic. Criticizing is easy; offering solutions more difficult. What does Biden have to offer? He was against the January China travel ban and everything he’s proposed has since been implemented except for mandatory mask wearing and a promise to shut down the country if the science tells him to. After 47 years in Washington, surely Biden knows that there are some limits on presidential power and there might be governors who would object to such draconian moves.

Finally, being Jewish makes one acutely aware of libels that have been hurled against us to create hatred. Such a libel is the Charlottesville misquote. President Trump said, when asked, that among the people who had descended on Charlottesville to oppose or support removal of a statue, there were some good people on both sides. That remark has been edited so that the smear is that Trump was talking specifically about the white supremacists. Watch the clip and see for yourself.

Perhaps the rabbis should have expanded their instincts to keep politics out of their sermons and extended that lofty goal to all their public remarks.

Georgia Atkin

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